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The ONLY Reason For Rape Is A Rapist’s Mind; Not The Way She Dresses.

Rape is one such offence that puts me off, totally. In fact, I think it’s the only offence that puts me off.

I do not call it an “offence” with regard to the legal aspect, I call it an offence of a human body and soul, a violation, a ruthless, merciless inhumane act. I believe, very strongly, that NO man, and I mean it, NO MAN has the right to even look at a woman with lust, let alone touch her. It is no man’s business to bother about what a woman wears, how she walks, what she does, how she behaves or how she talks.

People go on ranting about an Independent India, an equal India, and so on; but where is all this freedom and independence and equality when it comes to this gender bias? As a nation, we are developing. We are broadening our thinking and have started accepting many foreign ways of living. But where is all this ‘sophisticated’ attitude going when we have to stand up for our women? Why does the prick and stab of this horrendous act start disappearing as time passes by? Why is it that we are unable to completely STOP this?


Every time any questions about rape is thrown, we start trying to find the reason; illiteracy, unsafe time, her dressing, his upbringing and on and on…

The first and absolute thing to do is punishing the offender. Even if it is your father, brother, uncle, husband, son or friend who has committed rape, don’t think that you need to stay by him for the relation you share; he never thought that that woman he raped is also someone’s someone, he never thought that he has other women in his family who would probably have to face the brunt of his act, he never thought that he would permanently damage a person’s soul, scar her for life. Let him pay for his deeds, let him bear the brunt of his insane act, let him learn his lesson, teach him if you have to.

No man has the right to look at a woman or comment on her even if she is walking naked in front of him, or sitting unclothed beside him. It is up to her how she wishes to be, you have no say in it.

Most importantly, if you are a woman, support your kind. She has the freedom to dress however she wishes to. If you think that someone gets raped because of something she did or the clothes she wore, let me inform you that THE ONLY REASON FOR RAPE IS A RAPIST’S MIND, and nothing else. If as a woman you do not know, understand and believe this, then, I drop my pen and give you slow claps for your petty mind.


2 comments on “The ONLY Reason For Rape Is A Rapist’s Mind; Not The Way She Dresses.

  1. Pernnille Oberg
    April 20, 2015

    Some rather ignorant people really do believe that it’s just to rape a woman if she wears shorts, skirts or even a t-shirt. How is that even a justification!?

    • Alda L
      April 21, 2015

      Sometimes it is like they just say something just for the heck of saying something!

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