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Kissed A Boy and Made Him Cry!!

So, most of us are familiar with the poem:

“Georgie Porgie, Puddin’ and Pie,

Kissed the girls and made them cry,

When the boys came out to play,

Georgie Porgie ran away.”

I want to bring in a variation to this cute li’l poem and change ‘Georgie’ to ‘Georgina’ and ‘girls’ to ‘boys’.

It is a very popular belief that girls always cry; pretty much like ONLY girls cry. But, how true is that? Agreed that we do cry more. But we have our reasons for it!! We are more emotional and sometimes, well, just SOMETIMES, tears are our best weapon! But always? And ONLY? I don’t think so! I object [:P].

We live in a world where girls are seen as cry babies and the ‘bullied’, and boys are the macho lot, the ‘bullies’. What you are about to read may not change your thought process but it will somewhere leave you with something to think about…something that may irk you to think otherwise. Are boys really all that “macho”? Are girls always the “bullied”? read on…

One day while I was living in Mumbai, I was about ten years old, and used to live in an apartment colony, we kids have our daily play routine in the evenings, when we all go down to the park or play area and get into our own groups and play our own games. I used to be very fond of babies even then and so i spent quite some time with the li’l ones in the park.

During one of my “baby sitting” days, a boy and a girl were fighting, literally fighting!! Both wouldn’t be more than 7 years of age. Apparently, the girl took the boy’s toy while he was playing and refused to return it to him, despite all his wail and cry, push and pull. The girl who looked completely exasperated by all this, very decently, going the Gandhian way, kissed the boy on his cheek, a small peck. That was all that was needed. The boy burst into tears, loud, unending wails.  He ran to his mom and complained that the girl had kissed him, his face red with anger, annoyance and discomfiture. The girl who couldn’t care any less looked at him, gave him back his toy and walked away.

The guys who now harass girls and pass lewd comments on them think that they are making some great achievement. Little do they know that once upon a time, they were at the receiving end.

The touch and kiss that they now thrive for is what they once feared the most. Just like times have changed now, it will again change in the future.



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