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your life is all about what you make of it; not what others think of it

Who Should Choose What’s Good For You?


It is a classic shame that in India every other thing goes under massive scrutiny.
Be it movies, novels, songs, people, and any damn thing under the sun.
It is awfully disgusting that a third person has a say, rather, butts into a matter that pertains to some other grown up individual(s).
And what’s even more shameful and apologetic is that the very people who have a problem with the way a certain something is, are the ones who always go and sit up right in front to get their content to argue. Are people really that jobless?
The sensor board of India is one such organization that lets me down time and again.
They scan into every movie and book just to check if the content is “viewable for Indian audience.”
Well, Indian audience should be, and in my opinion, are mature and sane enough to know what is good for them and what is bad. What else are the movies rated for? Why are there synopses and other media methods to let the audience know what they are getting in for.
People who are so intolerant to what some call ‘vulgarity’ and ‘obscenity’, I think the ideal place for them to be at, at all times would be within the confines of the four walls of their homes.
It is extremely disgraceful that movies which can really bring out a massive change in the country are being banned or most of the scenes are being censored or deleted. Well, my only question to you is, do you condemn everything with this same vigour? Things that genuinely NEED to be condemned; things like murder, rape, abuse?
No. Never seen that happen with all that much of enthusiasm.
As a developing country, we are extremely backward.
I know that India is a country rich in culture. But let the fact that Kama sutra first originated from this very ‘sacred’ India itself, not be forgotten.
If you wish to be ashamed or disturbed by something and wish to condemn it, let that be something that can and will benefit or bring about a change for the masses.


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