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Modesty And All That Jazz

If I even start talking about hypocrisy, it will accompany me to my grave. Such is the amount of hypocrisy we live with.

I wouldn’t want to break my head and yours’ by ranting about every hypocritical issue that we are compelled to deal with on a daily basis. I exclusively choose dress codes, and how one’s etiquette is at stake as they pick their attire for the day, casually and oblivious of the prying eyes.

“A woman is expected to dress in a certain way.” This is one statement that we are all entirely aware of. But my question is; who is to choose what this ‘certain way’ should be? The society? Her parents or relatives? Her friends? Boyfriend? Spouse? Or she, who has to wear it? Oops! Sorry. I almost forgot that women in India have no say.


We conveniently twist the concept of modesty to suit ourselves. A dress which is three inches above you knee is not modest. While, a saree that reveals seven inches of your tummy is.

Wearing a backless gown is not modest while wearing a choli that is held by nothing but mere criss-cross threads is.

A woman wearing a pair of formal pants is crossing her limits, but men trying to peek through a woman’s skirt aren’t.

If Kareena Kapoor, Alia Bhatt or Deepika Padukone wear a revealing outfit in a movie, it’s okay. Because they are on screen, right? And plus what entertainment if there’s no beauty’s booty shake in a film, right?

Sheila Ki Jawaani, Munni Badnaam and other songs in the same domain are watched by ogling eyes over and over. No harm. In fact, good. It’s nice to see that people are watching all these item numbers with such keen interest. They are progressing… Probably they now see things a little differently? Probably.Just as I thought so, wam bam hello ma’am! We have someone commenting on how women should dress, yet again.

Movies with “indecent clothing” are leading the box office collections with 100 crores, 200 crores and even 600 crores. I guess the poor society had been tricked to watch these films. Or probably they wore some kind of shades that guarded them against indecent clothing. Probably. Sad. They had to go through all that just to watch a “clean” film. Tch tch.

Oh and lets not forget about those great souls who have endured the pain of watching women wearing just bikinis and kaftans. Poor things. I’m sure they didn’t expect to see that. They surely hoped beach parties to be places where people wore burkas and habits and had a pallu or scarf covering their heads. Modesty, you see!

These people I am talking about are men. Our male counterparts who love to be in power and have authority. But! Do not have the decency to stand up and say “You look beautiful,” when a woman wears something like an LBD. Instead, pass lewd comments like “You look smoking hot,” “You look smashing.” Sweetheart, I would love to smash your face on the oven and say, “Ooh baby, you’re smoking!” Sounds fun?

At least we can find solace thinking that they are just sexually driven at all times. And that this ignorance began in order to keep themselves from doing something wrong. But what’s more shameful is that women themselves have internalized this *OMG look what she’s wearing* mentality. Yes. That’s the progress. That’s how we use our freedom to speech. Very noble.

I think we should all be given brochures in which sexually appealing clothes and modest clothes are listed out. So we can dress up according to mood. And then if a man dares to raise his eyes and stare at my derriere, I shall pluck his eyes and shove them up his. But I don’t think that would be necessary, because these men seem to be too worried about us. So much so that they take the trouble to hold press conferences and speak about what women should wear. Aww! And if a woman does the same(staring at my derriere, passing lewd comments), I shall approach her, and humbly tell her that I am heterosexual.

By the way, India is one among the top countries in consumption of pornographic videos. And ranks fourth in number of rape cases. Just saying! Sanskriti and all that, you see. 🙂


One comment on “Modesty And All That Jazz

  1. Lekha murali
    May 5, 2015

    You are absolutely right about.

    You know my theory is that men generally think women dress up for them. It doesn’t occur to them there might be a small possibility that everything women do is not about attracting men. Maybe women do have a life of their own an identity of their own. But men generally are very dense when it comes to women.

    You are especially right about Indian men Alda. I’d rather not say anything. Words fail me.

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