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Funny What People Do In The Name Of Feminism

Best of both worlds?

Best of both worlds?

Off late, I have been witnessing a lot of lash out in the name of feminism. And some of them are so irrelevant and immature that I feel like going and hiding in a closet to never come out, simply because I feel really ashamed when women, in the name of feminism, expect things to be served on a silver platter to them.

It is pitiful that we have become such a male bashing lot.

Day in and day out, there are male criticizing articles or videos releasing. Why?

Yes, I know that there are issues. Issues that are growing at a threatening rate. But what will male bashing do? Will it solve all the problems or will it make things worse?

Why are we so hell bent on blaming each other? Men blame women, women blame men, and some idiots blame somethings that are completely irrelevant just to be a part of the the discussion.

I am a feminist. But my definition of feminism is not to protest against men or parade with some lame male bashing slogans and banners. For me, feminism is being comfortable with myself. Feminism is being able to look at myself everyday in the mirror with challenge adorning my smile and will power glistening my eyes. Feminism is to secure a position in the society, a position that will rightfully be mine. Feminism is not having to make a point to the world or prove myself to the world for their sake, but for that of my own. Feminism is to be at par with the opposite sex, sometimes better, sometimes behind. Feminism is to accept my flaws and move forward than expect someone to step down for me; I am not weak.

LRxIDTy-87oHmEmT_YnybIG38de2bPd5VGvJ-yfulGzClHpbGeBP56H59MiioJVTq2Q3FKe3W1ccjEOiqnS3EcVEP6TmFMjMhqrewmoHTjYNhYTwEVYubCg=w375-h260-ncBy making some ridiculous comments that are offensive to men, we are portraying a poor reflection of ourselves.

There is no problem in expressing your views and opinions. But the problem arises when those views and opinions are generalized. Not every one is like everyone else. And judging another based on someone’s actions is just not done.

Even I have said many things. And although  I never wished to generalize, even in my wildest dreams, there are people who have gotten offended. And thinking back, I think it is partly justified. Because there are men out there who feel extremely guilty and ashamed of the violent acts of their gender mates, and us speaking Amy further about it and using the ever so famous “That’s just how men are,” statement only cause more harm than good.

This post is a shout out to all those men and women who take feminism for its true value and not as means to gain sympathy for the latter.



5 comments on “Funny What People Do In The Name Of Feminism

  1. Olivia
    April 15, 2015

    Love this post – its sad to see a few people taking feminism in a direction which is damaging to the movement as a whole.

  2. Pernnille Oberg
    April 20, 2015

    Amen, sister!
    Spot on! It’s all about equality – not about putting one gender above the other.

    • Alda L
      April 21, 2015

      Yes, and it’s high time people got that!

  3. katensam
    June 11, 2015

    Very good points. It is disappointing to see people behave with double standards. Stereotyping men and male behaviour is no more acceptable than stereotyping women and female behaviour.

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