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Being A Dog Parent = Having No Privacy

My little bundle of tail-wagging fur ball goes by the name ‘Petrus’. He was gifted to me by my dad when I was staying away from my parents for my education.

At first, he shied away from me. He just shook me off, no matter how hard I tried.

IMG_20150415_041813_1429359447117Now, after six years and around nine months of living with “my best friend” (Petrus), privacy is a far fetched dream for me. Be it when I’m changing my clothes, spending time with my friends, when I’m in the restroom, yes, the one place where man expects to be in solitude and isolation, I have company. And sometimes even while I’m taking a shower- thanks to thunderstorms and rains.

Who could possibly say no to that?!

Who could possibly say no to that?!

I find it amusing and adorable to have these two innocent eyes peeping through a slit in the door (which he would have created himself), seeking permission to enter.

One would wonder what he does in all these situations, desperately trying to make himself a part of the locale. He just lays down and sleeps. Yes, he sleeps through the laughter and loud chit-chatter and everything else.

Irrespective of how much I try, he would not move. He just pretends to go deaf or ignores me completely.

No matter what happens, no matter what he does, he is my spoiled little baby. He is pampered to the fullest and is the “a quarter less than two feet tall” prince of my house, who walks like he owns the place and pretends to know everything. UNTIL he’s been caught doing something that he was barred from doing, then on he just magically transforms into a nut job who has no idea about anything that’s happening around him.


2 comments on “Being A Dog Parent = Having No Privacy

  1. harinirajasekhar29
    April 19, 2015

    I love this xD those pictures, awww

    • Alda L
      April 19, 2015

      Thank you ^_^ I know right, that puppy dog face ❤

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