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Glitter, Sparkles And All That Shimmers

Oddly, I have had a special something for shimmery things. No, not the gaudy clothes and other articles. Things apart from that.

Glitter, sparkles and shimmer give me this child-like happiness. It makes my heart jump and my lips curve into a blissful smile.

I am in my early twenties and I do not know if it is really immature of me or if it’s a normal thing, but I just cannot resist the pretty looking dusty glitter and the magical sparkles.

Something that I did as a result of my glitter mania

Something that I did as a result of my glitter mania

Be it in my nail paints, on my phone case or simply on some handicraft; the right amount of shimmer just makes it a whole new level of pretty for me.

To me, sparkles, glitter and shimmer is about being happy, having that smile on your face because somewhere you just imagine your life to be just as magical as that twinkling shine.

I wish, hope and pray that it has that same effect on  you, because, believe me, it is a tickling joy; the kind that I wish everyone experiences at least once in their lifetime.


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