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your life is all about what you make of it; not what others think of it

I Am My Identity That I Refuse To Lose

Do this!  Do that! No, you’re not doing this right. That doesn’t go there. Don’t do this. Don’t go there…. Aaaaaaarh

It is beyond frustrating for me to put up with these demands/orders. I am an independent girl and I embrace freewill.

I am extremely short tempered and, as much as I would dislike to agree, stubborn. And I know I can be really difficult to handle sometimes. But I REFUSE to change myself just because that’s what someone wants. This is me. This is my identity. And this is what I am most comfortable being. So please, don’t waste your time trying to change me.

I have great respect for everyone. And I give people every chance of improvement (if I feel they are wanting  that chance), or I just let them be (if that’s what they like); be it my friends, family, acquaintances, anyone. For the simple fact that I know that no one is born perfect and everyone is right and wrong in different ways.

It is not for me to judge others by their actions. It is for me to choose my actions depending on that of others’. And that is how I expect everyone to be.

Let one be what one wishes to be. If they are wrong, they will eventually change, and if they are right, they can probably bring about that change.

You can’t judge someone unless you’re perfect. And if you’re perfect, you won’t judge anyone.


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