Daggers And Hearts

your life is all about what you make of it; not what others think of it

Calm As An Ocean, Wild As a Sea

So, I’m sure we have all been in that odd place when you really feel like diving across the table to reach out to that one person who has gotten on your nerve and just beat the day lights out of them?

I have been there. Many a times.

Like a good girl, I will be minding my own business when some extremely jobless person takes a dig at me. Why would someone do that? Why? Why? Why?

And most often it would be someone who is older to me or someone whom I just wouldn’t want to “offend”. I have that problem. I tend to stay diplomatic sometimes.

So, when I’m caught up in this odd mess and I know I need to maintain my cool and keep my reputation flag flying high, but thanks to that person I cannot control my emotions, I punch the person right in their face—in my mind. xD

I know. But I can’t help it. What kind of a psycho would I look like if I actually did that, like literally punch someone in their face? A really bad one!

Sometimes when you know you are talking some kind of crap that can flip me out, and yet you see that I have this calm look on my face, like a peaceful ocean, don’t be mistaken. I’m killing you for the third time in my mind.

This is one of my -exhausted owing to overuse- mask.

Don’t worry. I’m otherwise a very calm person. Like, a sleeping child, calm. I mean, I know I can deliver a nice strong punch, but I am calm. Very very calm. 3:)


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