Daggers And Hearts

your life is all about what you make of it; not what others think of it

Tired Of Being Strong

I am always known to be a strong person, who has good control over her emotions, outbursts and mood.
But over the past couple of weeks, I have hit, what I would like to describe as, one of my lowest lows.
I wouldn’t call myself depressed. But there’s this haunting emptiness and pain within me. Things that I have always kept to myself, emotions that I have bottled up are all on the verge of eruption. I do not know why. And I hate it. I hate being this way.
I am trying to be my normal, happy self. But that’s hard. Really hard. Something that came naturally to me is the one thing that I am trying to get a hold of now.
I am not able to cope with the stress and anxiety that is pressing me down. It’s not easy. Not at all.
I wish I could talk about my feelings, but I can’t. Probably because that’s me, probably because I don’t know what exactly it is that is bothering me, probably because I am not able to find someone with whom I can share this.
I actually went on the Internet and searched for things to do to overcome depression, and writing was one of the most suggested cures. So, here I am! Trying. Trying to get over this pain and anxiety that is driving me nuts.
I want everyone to know, that is normal to be different. I don’t want to be judged at every point. I don’t want to prove a point. I don’t want to try. I just want to be me. And I think everyone should be allowed to be what they want to be.


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