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your life is all about what you make of it; not what others think of it

Be A Perfect Woman

Wear your dress right
Don’t wear anything tight
Make sure not to show below your neck
Always keep it on check
Let not your thigh be shown
You’re now a woman, grown
Let not your back be bare
Else people will stare
Wear not a lipstick bright
It shows you in the wrong light
Don’t have a boyfriend
The disgrace of it has no end
Don’t raise your hand, don’t fight
For a woman, that’s just not right
Don’t question a man, don’t protest
It’s up to you to upkeep the rest
Don’t cry, don’t whine
Lest your man will think you’re a swine


P.S. This is a satire, a mere mockery of what some cultures and societies expect of women.


4 comments on “Be A Perfect Woman

  1. Roly Andrews
    March 19, 2016

    Are you sure that this post should be titled – Guidelines on how not to be a Perfect Woman! One thing is true though – regardless of culture or religion, where would be be without women – back in a cave I suspect!

    • Alda L
      March 19, 2016

      It’s actually satirical… It’s just a mockery of what is expected of women in some cultures.
      I had a feeling it would be misunderstood :/ that’s why I used the tags specifically

      • Roly Andrews
        March 19, 2016


      • Alda L
        March 20, 2016

        Oh no, not at all!!! Rather, thank you for bringing it up!! 😀

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